our mission

Our mission is to normalize positive mental health in our community through events, outreach and education, and open conversations.



our vision

We are passionate about helping our community be unafraid to value, support, and discuss mental health.



Changing Tides began when Little Tokyo Service Center created an event that sparked a dialogue on the importance of mental health within the Asian American community. That event was titled "Changing Tides: An Open Conversation on Compassion and Well-Being" and was held in May of 2018. The event was produced by the collaborative efforts of a general committee and a youth committee. We were that youth committee. With a passion to continue our mission to end the stigma surrounding mental health and normalize healthy discussions within the Asian American community, we have created Changing Tides. We are glad to have you here and we hope that you will join us in changing the tides.

Changing Tides is a program of Little Tokyo Service Center located in Los Angeles, CA.