J. Hiji

Age: 24

Hometown: Palos Verdes, CA

Generation: 4th - Yonsei

Biography: J. Hiji loves all forms of art: painting, music, photography, writing, and anything else that may have a story beneath the surface. She loves to read, meditate, and practice yoga in her free time. Fun fact: J.’s childhood pet was a hairless cat and she is the reason why J. started to love all living creatures. 

Name of Piece: Anxiety-Not Your Friend

This is what I imagine my anxiety to look like in my head. For a long time, I thought my anxiety was my friend. I didn't recognize it as anxiety because it helped me survive for most of my life by avoiding certain dangers that I feared. The more I trusted this monster, the more disconnected I felt from myself and everyone else because I was constantly living in fear inside my head. 

Name of Piece: Underneath it all

This represents how challenging it is to be vulnerable around those whom we love. Especially when it comes to mental illness, which is often a big part of one’s life. The fact that our loved ones aren’t aware of our condition can inhibit us from expressing our most authentic selves. Thus, we can experience a feeling of loneliness, even when people are physically near us.

Name of Piece: Anger: Hidden, but still there. Even when you're not watching. 

This reflects the cycle of fear, anger, shame, and confusion a person can feel as a result from rape traumas. Victims often feel as though there is no safe place to talk about their experiences and get the support and understanding they need in order to recover. Then, the feeling of shame becomes so intense that they end up keeping it all to themselves.