Age: 25

Hometown: San Gabriel, CA

Generation: 2nd - Nisei

Biography: Sabrina Im is a daughter of Khmer refugees, and a poet who often writes about the moments “in-between” she finds herself in. She hopes to continue using storytelling as a means for mediating and cultivating inter-generational narratives; as well as mobilizing others to explore their art too. Her poetry can be found in Issue Seven of TAYO Literary Magazine, and is forthcoming in Issue Eight of Angel City Review. 

Name of Piece: From a Lotus to a Rose

Inter-generational trauma is passed down because many parents and elders do not openly talk about what they experienced in their motherland. So how does fragmented silence weigh in, in each of our lives? Perhaps it is not a matter of not having a grasp of a certain language, but rather feeling "othered" and unable to find the kind of healing to articulate these complex feelings. Though this piece focuses on family and migration, particularly in relation to my mother, it is also a starting conversation about how we can begin to celebrate both the pain and resilience of the folks around us.

Name of Piece: Even If My Voice Shakes

What started off as a poem to myself, has now become an affirmation for anyone that needs it. Your voice and what you have to say matters. It is a reminder that although self-love and self-care takes a lot of work, survival and transformation are not impossibilities—they are deeply tangible. Inhale deeply, and then exhale out. Have courage. You are enough.