Age: Various

Hometown: Various

Generation: Shin-Nisei, 4th - Yonsei

Biography: The Grateful 4 is a group of music-loving friends that connects to their Japanese American culture and give back to our community through the power of song. They started as an a cappella group with the Grateful Crane Ensemble in 2016 and have since started utilizing various instrumentations that include the violin, piano, guitar, and koto. The Grateful 4 has performed at community events, including monthly birthday and holiday parties at nikkei senior homes, Nishi Hongwanji’s Obon, Japanese American Community Night at the Staples Center, and even on tour in Fukushima, Japan.  

Name of Piece: (Untitled)

We believe music has a unique way of uplifting spirits, bringing a community closer together, and validating one’s experience. We have the privilege of performing for JA seniors in assisted living facilities throughout Los Angeles. These intimate performances are some of the most moving experiences for us. By sharing our music, we get to witness the smiles, tears, singing, and dancing by residents who often feel lonely or neglected. We gratefully receive their hugs, handshakes, and cheers for simply showing up and doing what we love. The energy in the room is undoubtedly transformed by the gift of music. We perform to honor anyone who has ever felt alone or forgotten. We offer our music and our presence in hopes that they might encourage more conversations regarding mental health in the JA community.